Malta Basketball Association

Under 14 Girls Christmas Cup – Qualifying Tournament – Wednesday 13th December 2017



xmas cup 2017 malta

The teams have been drawn up in the following groups:


Group A: Siggiewi Devils, Gzira Athleta, Hibernians

Group B: Starlites, Siggiewi Warriors, Depiro, Luxol


Games will be on a single round, round-robin format.

The top 2 teams will qualify for the finals on Saturday 23rd December.



Kindly abide strictly with the starting time and work togetehr with the officials to start all the games on time.


  Court A (left on entry) Court B (right on entry)
8.45 Gzira Athleta vs Hibs (Grp A) Starlites vs Siggiewi Warriors
9.30 Starlites vs Depiro Siggiewi Warriors vs Luxol
10.15 Siggiewi Devils vs Gzira Athleta (Grp A) Luxol vs Depiro
11.00 Luxol vs Starlites Hibs vs Siggiewi Devils (Grp A)
11.45   Depiro vs Siggiewi Warriors



The rules for the tournament are the following (as laready notified to all the clubs earlier):

Rules for the Christmas Cup:

  • Minimum of players per team: 8
  • 4 sessions of 7 minutes (stopping time) will be played. In the event of a tied game, the overtime period will be of 2 minutes.
  • Ball size: 6.
  • Zone defense is not allowed.
  • Up to the 3rd Quarter, all players have to play.
  • If a team has less than 12 players on the bench (min. 8), then the opposing team has the option to use an equal number of players by the 3rd quarter.
  • Minimum of one FULL quarter to be played by each player
  • Maximum of three FULL quarters to be played by each player.
  • A player cannot play the first 3 consecutive quarters.
  • No Substitutions are allowed at any time during the first 3 quarters of the game, with the exceptions of the following:
  1. When there are any injured players, subs to be decided by the opposing coach.
  2. Fouled out players, subs to be decided by the opposing coach.
  3. 4th Quarter, subs are allowed at any time, always abiding by the above mentioned rules.

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