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The Malta Basketball Association – Basketball Awareness Programmes

The Malta Basketball Association runs two different basketball awareness and promotion projects. Both projects are fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth and Sport as well as the Department of Education.

The two projects are somewhat distinct, even though similar at a technical level.

These programmes are, in essence, aimed to create basketball awareness amongst schoolchildren as well as aid the national effort to have more physical activity during regular school hours.

In fact, the sessions are essentially basic basketball awareness sessions to introduce the game of basketball to the young kids but at the same time also introducing generic physical exercise through core fundamentals and basic body co-ordination activities.

a) The Basketball in Schools programme:

This was launched in January 2015. Fifteen different schools were serviced during the present scholastic year.

This is aimed to create basketball awareness amongst schoolchildren as well as aid the national effort to have more physical activity during regular school hours.

The idea is that ‘basketball goes to the schools’. Qualified personnel, who are also teachers per profession, engaged by the Malta Basketball Association, will physically go to the schools to deliver the basketball awareness programmes.

The concept envisaged for this programme is that a selected year group/s will be provided with a 5/6 session schedule spread with a lesson per week/fortnight​ (each session for a class​ would be circa 35-45 minutes to fit in within the class daily schedule) whereby the game of basketball is introduced, by qualified teachers/personnel, ​at a very basic level and amalgamated with basic body co-ordination activities.

This programme is offered to all the primary and middle year schools in Malta, be they public, religious or independent schools.

An interested school will then select which year group/s will be taking part in the programme. We are suggesting that two year groups will be addressed per school and the choice should ideally be between (taking the local year group structure in schools) Year 4 (8 year old), Year 5 (9 year old), Year 6 (10 year old) and Form 1 (11 year old).

The Basketball in Schools programme is coordinated by Mr Bernard Vassallo and has seen the participation of 15 different schools in the scholastic year 2015/2016.

b) Basketball Promotion Programme:

This is the other part of the MBA programme and is also offered to all the schools in Malta. The concept here is that the ‘schools come to basketball’.

Here, a school may opt to have their students within the participating year group/s visit the national basketball complex, run by the Malta Basketball Association, on a similar programme as the ‘basketball goes to the schools’ programme (mentioned above).

Schools opting for this programme, will visit the basketball complex (where all the national youth, junior and senior games are played as well as the house of the Malta Basketball Academy) and do the basketball sessions within the same complex.

The sessions will also be made by personnel engaged by the Malta Basketball Association and using all the equipment already within the same complex.

Given that each visit will be of not less than two hours, the basketball sessions will be longer than the first programme mentioned above.

This programme is run by Mr Leonard Falzon and has seen the participation of many schools in the last years.


TV Feature re the Programmes: May 2016 



The attached application form refers to these school programmes for the scholastic year 2016/2017. *Click here to access the application form

Should your school be interested to avail itself of one or both of the above basketball awareness programmes in the coming scholastic year, you are kindly invited to fill in the attached application form and email it to: [email protected]

In case of any added queries or requests, we would be willing to hear or even discuss with your kind self, or other staff members within your school, on telephone 79 404 404.

The requisite from your end is generally the availability of at least one basketball board.

From our end, we should provide all the basketball technical equipment needed for the basketball sessions/lessons. (please note that in the case of the Basketball Promotion Programme (‘‘schools come to basketball’) there must be payment for the transport between the school and the National Basketball Complex in Ta’ Qali)

Please note that there are already some bookings in place for the coming scholastic year 2016/2017and the general concept followed is that of a ‘first-come, first-served’.



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