Malta Basketball Association

Starlites win the St James Hospital under 16 Men 2018 Championship

St James Hospital under 16 Men Final

Gzira Athleta 73 – Starlites 85

(15-25, 22-26, 16-16, 20-18)

The under 16 Men Final, watched by a good crowd, resulted in a very enjoyable game with a number of good technical moments which augur well for the future.

At the end of the game, the jubilant Starlites GIG clan celebrated the success as MBA President Paul Sultana presented the league trophy to the team captain Matthew Scerri.

Gzira Athleta: E. Sciberras 3, A. Bozonic, S. Galea 7, K. Borg, S. Mangion, J. Ellul Dowling, I. Xuereb, T. Abela, R. Mitrovic 6, M. Mijovic 1, E. Abela 30, R. Abela 26.

Starlites: L. Riolo 4, A. Vella 4, M. Barbara, M. Fabri 29, M. Palmier, M. Scerri 18, S. Manganiello, B. Bezzina, B. Stankovic 5, J. Zammit 25.

Refs: G. Barbara, T. Mantere, K. Dworniczak

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