Malta Basketball Association

Shot Clock and 14 second reset.

After the ball has touched the ring on a shot for goal, the shot clock shall be stopped and not reset until clear possession has been established by one of the teams.

The shot clock will then be reset to:

  • 24 seconds, if the opposing team gains control of the ball.
  • 14 seconds, if the team which regains control of the ball is the same team that was in control of the ball before the ball touched the ring.

The shot clock after free throws shall display 14 seconds initially. To help with the understanding consider it on the same basis as an in-bounded pass on the front court after a foul.

Red team has the throw in, and the shot clock is on 14, the pass is intercepted then it resets to 24

Similarly, Red team has the foul shots (the common theme here is they have the ball) so the shot clock is on 14 and if the Blue team rebounds the ball then reset to 24.

Wait for the referees to finish their communication with the Score table before resetting the Shot Clock

shot clock

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