Malta Basketball Association

Schedule for the Women League Semi-Final Play-off Series.

Semi-Final Series MAPFRE MSV Life Women League

Game 1:  Thursday 19th April:

6.15pm: Hibs vs Starlites
8.00pm: Luxol vs Gzira Athleta

Game 2:

Saturday 21st April: 2.30pm:  Gzira Athleta vs Luxol
Sunday 22nd April: 2.30pm:  Starlites vs Hibs

Game 3: Thursday 26th April:

6.15pm:  Hibs vs Starlites
8.00pm:  Luxol vs Gzira Athleta
(In the eventuality that only one game 3 is needed (and not two), then the solitary game 3 (whichever series this is) will tip-off at 7pm).

Note: The start of the Play-off Semifinal series was suspended by the MBA until a case is decided by an Arbitration Board. A number of clubs subsequently called for an EGM during which a majority of clubs voted in favour that the Play-offs are to start, as per the standings at the end of the regular season, whilst acknowledging, at the same time, that all is subject to the decision to be taken by the Arbitration hearing. It was also decided by all the clubs that any decision by the Arbitration Board would be decisive and final.

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