Malta Basketball Association

Proviso re Uniforms


Given that the temperature on the playing court may fall down, on certain days and times during Winter, it has been decided to allow a proviso on the Uniform Rules sent earlier this year, as follows:


Players may make use of a long sleeved shirt under the playing vest, provided that they are ONLY used when the court temperature is in essence cold (subject to the crew chief referee decision), and provided that:


  1. The whole team must make use of the same colour of vests and under pants, namely team colour or balck or white (but one colour for all the team)
  2. Players making use of a long sleeved under shirt must notify (and show the long sleeved shirt to) the game officials before the game
  3. It is subject to the crew chief referee to ultimately decide whether the court temperature merits the use of long sleeved shirts.


Long sleeved shirts will SURELY NOT BE ALLOWED on normal day temperatures, especially in the latter stages of the season.

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