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Miscellaneous re Table Officiating


Please read carefully

  • Turn the foul bonus (4 fouls) light on when the referee makes the ball available to the player.
  • Any extra period is treated as a continuation of the 4th quarter. The fouls stay and one time out per team is allowed. Unused time outs from the second half are lost.
  • When an Alternating Possession situation occurs the arrow is changed when the ball is touched on court except if there is a violation by the throw in player or team.
  • At half time the arrow should be changed when the referees come to the table at the beginning of the half time break. If the referees do not approach the scorer’s table then the arrow is changed by the scorer making sure the other table officials are aware of the change. When players take the court for warm up they like to know who has first possession.
  • At the end of the game allow the referees to sign the score-sheet after the scorer has filled in the final score and the name of the winning team. Then finish off the scoresheet as set out in the rule book and have all Score-table Officials print their names.
  • Coach and/or Assistant coach request time-outs. Do not accept a request for a time-out from a player. The Coach can deny asking for it. DO NOT accept conditional time-outs from the coach.
  • When a uniform is changed due to blood or torn, the scorer should draw a line through the old number and places the new number beside is, with an asterisk beside the number and at the bottom of the score sheet explaining the change.
  • Unused player spaces are ruled out after the Coach has signed the Score sheet and the game has started.
  • Recording “GD” Fouls
  • A second technical foul by a player shall be indicated by entering a “T” and any corresponding free throws awarded, followed by a “GD” for the game disqualification in the following space.
  • A second unsportsmanlike foul shall be indicated by entering a “U” and any corresponding free throws awarded followed by a “GD” in the next following space
  • A “GD” is also entered in the following space if the coach is disqualified from the game and After entering a “GD” draw a horizontal line through any unused foul boxes.

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