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Malta Under 18 boys finish 7th in San Marino

Malta’s Under 18 Boys National Team took part in the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries in San Marino.

Under the guidance of coaches Kristin Baldacchino and Ruben Baldacchino, the Malta boys opened with a positive 8 point win over Moldova with a strong 27-18 last quarter but then, on the following day, saw a 51-26 first half lead disappear in the second half against hosts San Marino.

In the Classification Stage, Malta suffered a 9-22 third quarter against Monaco (44-58 after 30 minutes) and despite a strong last quarter and a comeback to 69-65 ahead with 3 minutes to go, the lads had to bow down 69-72 but then closed off the last day with a strong 29-19 last quarter versus Gibraltar to end with a 85-82 win to end in the 7th place overall in the championships.

Group Stage:

Friday 8th July vs Moldova 87-79

Game Stats: click here to view


Saturday 9th July vs San Marino 74-86

Game Stats: click here to view

Sunday 10th July vs Wales 59-82

Game Stats: click here to view


Monday 11th July vs Kosovo 61-110

Game Stats: click here to view


Classification Stage: 5th to 9th Placing

Wednesday 13th July vs Monaco 69-72

Game Stats: click here to view


Friday 15th July vs Gibraltar 85-82

Game Stats: click here to view

The Malta Under 18 Roster: click here to view

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