Malta Basketball Association

Info Q&A Meeting: re the coach and the referee – Saturday 19th March

Open Invite to all coaches (from all levels from senior downwards), club officials, players, referees, table officials and other interested persons

Following a request by the Secretary General added with various personal discussions with coaches and club officials, on the general refereeing so far this season, as well as due to the fact that the major play-offs are on the brink and only days away, an informational meeting for coaches, club officials, players and other interested persons is going to be held this Saturday 19th March at 13.30 hours at the Ta Qali Basketball Pavilion.

My aim is not to have a monologue but that of communicating effectively with the participants and leave ample time for a question and answer session where you can put forth your query on any basketball officiating aspect.

Understanding and following the rules, mechanics and techniques of referees and table officials can help alleviate some of the friction coaches and officials naturally experience and increase the enjoyment everyone involved in the game of basketball deserves.

This meeting is aimed at using first-hand communication to help coaches and referees reach understandings about certain officiating themes and highlight possible consideration of points to be emphasized in the officiating of games in the coming weeks.

Hope to see all of you this Saturday.

Bernard Vassallo


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