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Independence Cup 2019 : Regulations


Below please find the main rules to be used during the Independence Cup tournament to be held between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd September 2019.

1. (Men) The teams are divided into two groups. The teams in each group will respectively play each other on a one round system and the top two classified teams in each group will qualify for the cross semifinals.

(Women) All teams will play each other on a one round system. The top two classified teams, after the round robin stage, will then play the final.

2. If two or more teams finish with the same number of points (in the first stage), the final classification will be calculated as per FIBA rules.

3. Two (2) halves of 15 minutes (playing time)each will be played.

4. Non registered players can participate in this tournament 

5. Every team will have to abide with its respective category league rules as regards the entitlement of the use of foreign players. ***

6. Time Outs: One (1) time-out or each team in the first half and two (2) time-outs in the second half

7. Team Fouls: A Team is in Team Foul Penalty Bonus after seven (7) team fouls per half.

8. Personal Fouls: A player is fouled out after four (4) personal fouls

9. Should a game end level, an overtime period of 3 minutes will be played. There will be one time-out for each team in an overtime period. If further overtime periods are needed, these will also be of 3 minutes duration each and with one time out for each team.

10. Direct disqualification of a player / coach / team official will automatically entail a minimum of one game suspension (next game). (Non-direct disqualification of a player / coach due to an accumulation of two major (Technical or Unsportsmanlike) fouls will bear no suspension). This is similar to the normal season.

11. All MBA and FIBA rules apply for this tournament except for the ones mentioned above

*** Division 1 teams can make use of a maximum of two foreign players on the court at any time. The Amateur League team and the visiting Italian team will then abide to their league rules.

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