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Please note that the earlier page (containing a draft copy of the fixtures (not the official fixtures)and which was uploaded as from February 1st wit the intention to help those who were having difficulty to access the official fixtures) has now been removed.

To access the official fixtures (which have been available since day one of the season) please follow the directions below (in bold)

(Note these directions and notifications (below) were sent to all clubs on January 14th 2017) after that the original link (available up to early December 2016) went down (as explained below).

This is what was sent to the clubs and even uploaded on Facebook in mid January:

The previous link to the fixtures was housed externally and there were some new developments and changes at the year end where the overseas provider either faced some problems or otherwise and now has migrated onto another platform. As a result the previous link is thus unavailable.

We are working with the same company to try and remedy the situation. Yet this may take some time.
In the meantime, I have tried to implement some temporary measures re the fixtures on the website.
There are now 3 tabs when one hovers over the Fixtures and Results tab.
  • The first tab┬áis a specific category tab whereby it opens respective men and women tabs, which then also open to each respective category from seniors to under 14. One can check the fixtures for each category likewise.
  • The second tab is an add-on where I have made direct links to the tables for each category.
Please note that one DOES NOT NEED TO CLICK but just HOVER with the cursor over the FIXTURES AND RESULTS tab so that the sub-category tabs will show on the screen.



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