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BOV Basketball Players of the Month – January 2017

Cynergi Depiro’s foreign player DJ Mason is the BOV Men’s 1st Division player of the Month for January 2017. The 6 foot 6 American hailing from Clarkton, North Carolina had 23.5 ppg averaging 55% from the field and 50% from the distance.  Mason also suffered 14 fouls on his two matches during January.

Steffi deMartino (Caffe Moak Luxol) BOV Monthly award for January is the seventh in her career. Steffi was the top scorer in the women’s league during January with 97 points from 4 games (24.25ppg). With a total playing time of 154.09 minutes (38.32 min/game), Steffi scored an outstanding 85% from the free-throw line (35 from 41) while scoring 25 from 57 from the field (44%).  She also suffered 24 fouls in four matches averaging 6 per game.

Gżira Athleta’s Luca Stefanovic claimed his first individual award by winning the BOV Men’s 2nd Division accolade. Stefanovic had 5 on 12 from the field. And averages  1.25 assists, 2.25 rebounds and 1.17 steals per game.

Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta presented a commemorative plaque to the winners. Bank of Valletta is a long-time supporter of the Malta Basketball Association and is currently in discussion with the Association to further extend its support to the sport of Basketball.

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