Malta Basketball Association

MBA FIP Coaching Qualification Agreement – Deadline for applications

The MBA has reached an agreement with the Federation Italiana Pallacanestro (FIP) whereby the latter’s coaching structure will be made available for local coaches.
The sessions will be split into three parts :
Part 1 – Online platform (18 sessions)
Part 2 – On-court sessions (date still to be agreed between the associations)
Part 3 – Assessment – to obtain the certification
The above will lead to a certification covering the basic level of coaching.
The MBA has made these courses mandatory for all local coaches except for those who have FIBA qualifications (i.e. carried out successfully the FECC certification). However, these same coaches are still encouraged to attend the on court sessions and still avail themselves of the online platform.
Please note that the first group of coaches willing to do this course will have to follow the online content in Italian (the MBA will be working to get these later translated into English to cater for those who have difficulty understanding Italian).
In order to register, coaches must be 18 years old and over and are requested to fill in their details in the attached form.
The applications will be then passed on to FIP and once the latter include the coaches in their system, the same applicant local coaches will be notified via email.
While we do apologise for the relatively short notice, please make sure that coaches / clubs return the attached sheet duly filled in by not later than Wednesday 27th March 2019.
Anyone who does not submit by the deadline will not be registered with the first group.

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